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Choose Your Meals
Choose Your Meals

It’s quick and easy to choose your favorite meals and order them online each week.

We Prepare Your Meals
We Prepare Your Meals

We prepare your meals for convenient local pickup or delivery each week. You can ensure your meals are always fresh.

Eat and Enjoy
Eat and Enjoy

No shopping, no cooking and no cleaning, simply enjoy your delicious and nutritious meals each day.

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Happy Customers

I'm loving this service! The meals have great flavors, good portions and most importantly clean good eats. It saves me so much time and energy. Taking the stress out of shopping and preparing my meals helps me stay on track to a healthier lifestyle. My favorite part is the yummy snacks/treats I look forward to each week. I really dig the pumpkin cookies!!!
Jodi Albany, Oregon
“I’ve got my meals for the week, and no surprise, I’ve already dipped into all of it and it’s amazing! Chicken veggie lo mien, coconut curry meatballs, and lemon chia energy balls. Everything’s organic, dairy free and gluten free. Thank you!”
Michelle Albany, OR